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Last update: 28 May 2009.
Last GUI release version: 1.34
Last GUI test version: N/A
Last CLI version: 1.04
Site created by António.

Version Française
Astrolog32 is a free and open source Astrology software for Windows, with a rich feature set. 

In this site you will find version 1 of Astrolog32 and atlas files. Version 2, created by 

Tomáš Kubec
, is available at his site in English, French, Italian and Czech:
Astrolog32 v. 2 (external site)

UPDATED (Nov 2018):    Dodger's Companion to Astrolog32 - the user manual everyone has been waiting for!

Companion    Dodger's Companion to Astrolog32

Software    Download Astrolog32 software (v. 1)

Atlas    Download Astrolog32 atlas files (for v. 1 and v. 2)

Auxiliary Files    Download other auxiliary files
Sources    Download Astrolog32 source code (v. 1, for programmers only)

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