Astrolog32 Auxiliary Files

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to download any of the files below. 

The performance of Astrolog32 is much improved if used in conjunction
with Swiss Ephemeris. Here you can download ephemeris files for years
You should unzip them to the directory you configured
in Directory Settings, by default c:\astrolog32\ephemeris.
Go to
 AstroDienst to download
ephemeris files for others centuries.

Swiss Ephemeris files for years 1800-2400

Charts of celebrities (a total of 1722!), in Astrolog format, are also available.
We assume no responsability whatsoever for the correctness of information!

Charts of celebrities

If you would like to check that your files were not corrupted
during downloading, click here to grab the MD5 file.

Support by other Astrolog32 users is available from Astrolog List,
a discussion forum at Yahoo. You need to join in order to participate.