Astrolog32 Links

Companion to Astrolog32 (a web guide), by Dodger:

Dodger's companion to Astrolog32

Version 2 of Astrolog32 in English, French, Italian and Czech, by Tomáš Kubec:

Walter Pullen was the original creator of Astrolog. His site offers
Astrolog 5.40 for Windows (16 bits), DOS, Unix and Mac:

Valentin Abramov created Astrolog 5.41g. Astrolog32 originates from this version.
In Valentin's site you will find Astrolog versions for Windows (16 bits) and Unix:

Nicolas Scharnagl created version 5.42 for Unix and Windows. The
Windows version does not have a menu interface, but has a number
of features that are not available in Astrolog32 such as centaurs, etc:

Kastrolog is a version of Astrolog for KDE, a Unix graphics
environment, by Christopher Gross:

The site below offers several Astrolog versions,
including for Amiga and OS/2: