Astrolog32 Sources

Click the right mouse button and choose "Save Target as" in Internet
Explorer to download any of the files below.
Both packages include
ReadMe files.
You are recommended to read them.

 Astrolog32 source files are available below.
These files are for software developers 

Sources for Astrolog32 GUI v. 1.34
Sources for Astrolog32 CLI v. 1.04

Astrolog32 uses Swiss Ephemeris. You may download the source code
from AstroDienst to create your own libraries, but here we
offer libraries in a ready to use format (it saves you time):

Swiss Ephemeris v. 1.74 Libraries

If you would like to check that your files were not corrupted
during downloading, click here to grab the MD5 file.

You can exchange ideas with Astrolog developers in Astrolog List,
a discussion forum at Yahoo. You need to join in order to participate.